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The first clip was shot on Ektachrome 160 Sound film and it cuts in and out due to the way it was recorded. The remaining 3 have no sound, but for some reason they were "given" a soundtrack when I had the film transferred to U-Matic many years ago.

Here's a clip from 1978 in the old RHS cafeteria. We were playing a rousing game of "knuckles". In the clip are Diane Landau, Ed Connolly, Marius Braun, Bob Delaney, Marianne Davi, Lynn Baron, Rob Reggio and Mike Bronson:

More from the RHS cafeteria, testing out my new Sankyo Super-8 movie camera. Also featured in this clip are Nora Parla, Me, Andy Lustig, Paige Hughes and Gail Gordon.:

Here's my High School graduation ceremony. Ridgewood has a tradition of the boys wearing white dinner jackets with red carnations and the girls in white gowns and carrying a dozen red roses. A very pretty ceremony. At the end it's Kevin Barlow, me, Mike Bronson and Mike Gutenstein.

Here's another clip from 1978. It's the RHS Senior Prom at Westmont Country Club. Lighting is really low at the prom. I was hoping to see the cool limo we had (back then nobody took a limo to the prom) It was a 1974 Cadillac 60 Special factory Limousine - nice! Theres a bit after the prom at Mike Bronson's house. The remainder of the clip is of the next day when we all went down to Great Adventure: