A group shot at the house in Manasquan NJ


The yellow arrow below indicates my corner office on the 16th floor when I was the Intake Supervisor for the Legal Fund. When I moved to the IT Department, I was on the 14th Floor with only a northern view.


This was the view out of my office looking north towards midtown.


This is what the view was like on 9/11 from 101 6th Ave as the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed. I had arrived in the World Trade Center PATH station at 8:48 that morning right after the first plane hit. I made it out of the building and up to 101 6th. I was out front in the plaza area of the building when the North Tower collapsed.


On a much lighter note - here's a poolside view at the Fairmount Orchid in Hawaii. A very luxurious 5-star resort we spent a week at in 2002.


A really cool satellite photo of the house: The car on the right is the Audi Allroad, the one on the left I think is Len's minivan. Probably taken on a Saturday.